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About Us

About us

Our history

Tap Tap Stories started with the humble dream of creating more adventure and magic for our kids. That dream has grown and become our mission to empower children's self-esteem through magical, personalized books.

We share a passion for imagination, creativity and books and want to make a positive difference with our stories.


Our children's self-esteem is significantly shaped in the early years of life and is based on the experience of being good enough.

Through positive experiences, self-esteem is strengthened. This empowers our children to challenge the great world we send them to.

In our books, the child is the hero who falls but gets up again - stronger.

We give the children the important feeling that they are good enough and can do anything if they just practice enough.


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Founder & Creative Genius

The enthusiastic chief and creator of our magical universe - that's David. As the founder and creative spirit, he accompanies every step in the creation of our stories. David is imaginative, nerdy and resourceful at the same time. He doesn't do things by halves and his biggest drive is his own small family!

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Operations & Customer Experience Magician

Sandie has an eye for detail and the most important thing for her is that you have a great experience with Tap Tap Stories. As a child, Sandie always got children's books from her grandmother for Christmas, she has a weakness for glitter and you win her heart with chocolate Cke.

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Customer Care & Head of Hygge

You will get to know Sus if you contact us with good ideas or questions about your order.

Sus creates a relaxed atmosphere (“hygge” in Danish) and always puts customers and colleagues in a good mood! Her favorite color is green, she used to be a teacher and she has a thing for chocolates.

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Customer Care & Digital Multitalent

Niklas, our digital all-rounder, takes care of our German-speaking customers.

He always has an open ear for questions, suggestions and new ideas and, in addition to customer service, also helps with book translations. Niklas studies in Copenhagen on the side and spends his free time surfing the cold waves of Denmark.

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